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"Bend Sinister"

(pic: Tom Sheehan) CURVE ended last year as Melody Maker readers' Brightest Hopes and began this by releasing their debut album, "Doppelgänger".

Expectations were so high it was inevitably going to disappoint some. Simon Price wondered at its repetition and demanded that Curve loosen up and allow themselves to weird out. Other reviewers were equally tepid.

Curve were the victims of their own success. Using the Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine as their aesthetic springboard, they'd redefined the shoegazing sound, rendering it exotic, erotic, hypnotically aggressive and even giving it a dance dynamic. And they'd done it so convincingly, that a mere year after their formation, people had become so familiar with the sound that Curve no longer appeared to pack the punch that they had previously. Nevertheless, "Doppelgänger" sold by the bucketload.

Curve, meanwhile, set about conquering America. Already the undisputed darlings of the College Radio scene, they toured once in their own right and proved to be so popular that they were forced to cancel their Reading Festival appearance in order to return pronto.

The first of these Stateside treks was marked by the odd minor disaster - guitarist Debbie lost her passport in Canada and went crazy in San Francisco and drummer Monti was arrested for faredodging in New York city. Toni and Dean spent a good deal of their time in a pleasant alcoholic haze.

Basically, a good time was had by all.

(article nicked from 'Melody Maker', 19/26 December 1992)

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