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Described by John Peel as 'the next thing you're all going to go crazy over' and he has every chance of being right. Even bikers like to smooch and 'Blindfold' is a kind of biker torch song wherein dark, grungy guitar lines reminiscent of tractors being revved up vie for your attention with a sulky girl vocal that drips glamour and the promise of snogging. Curve can't make their mind up whether they want to be nasty or cute and this is the secret of their success. I'm quite crazy about them already but Julian is reserved.

Julian: "It reminds me of an indie Kate Bush. There's something quite showbiz about the vocal. It's a weird combination. The bloke reminds me too much of Einar. The one they should have kicked out years ago. I like the music and the singer's quite a rocky chick. Is she attractive? I think it's really important that people look good. The record? I dug it with reservations. Put me down as a yeah."

review by Stuart Maconie, with Julian Cope
(nicked from 'New Musical Express', dated 2 March 1991)

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