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YES, they really are that good. Oh, I had my doubts, believe me. I wasn't convinced by their debut. In fact, I had a whole tirade worked out about age and beauty and opportunism and how people who once consorted with Eurythmics should on no account be allowed near our hallowed ground however good they sound, because pop is so much more than just noise and melody. But somehow I found myself swept away with the first rush of guitar, sucked under into this glorious whirlpool of sound.

I'm going to be tacky and blunt for one second. Forgive me. This is like Cocteau Twins, if they'd gone commercial, or Lush, if they'd ever made a record that lived up to their live promise. There's a section on the second song, second side, where Toni sings "Why do you grow inside me?" and it's either the sexiest or most disturbing thing I've ever heard. Both, probably.

It feels so dumb trying to explain Curve in green and blue and similes.

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(review nicked from 'Melody Maker', dated 4 May 1991)