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Apart from losing your left leg in a tragic Scrabble incident, there's nothing worse than being misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, I did NOT, in a recent live review, consider Curve to be the bees' knees or even the wasp's windpipe at Camden Underworld - I thought the last four songs were great, full stop and positively no exclamation mark.

The truth of the matter is, Curve stink of fabrication, reek of formularisation, and I strenuously object to the fact that the first half of their live set wallows in fifth-rate Goffdom. Not only that, but I also resent the 'Frozen EP' being f---ing brilliant, an apocalyptic mess of molten guitars and menacing, man-mincing vocals no better epitomised than on 'Coast Is Clear', where exotic pipe noises gatecrash the party and guzzle all the expensive lager. Just like the best things in life should.

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(review nicked from 'New Musical Express', dated 11 May 1991)