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Presumably named with the sole purpose of always coming after The Cure in rock encyclopedias (at their peak, they even supported Robert Smith's lot in the US), Curve were former Eurythmic and technical whizz Dean Garcia, plus tailor-made ice queen Toni Halliday. For a while, their feminised industrial soundscapes brought wind-machine efficiency to the knock-kneed world of indie. A thundering, subtly melodic debut drowned out the critics, and, though it was all over two years later, the multimillion-selling Garbage had certainly learned something.

Best Tracks
Split Into Fractions, Faît Accompli, Already Yours

Most Gothic Moment
Halliday's seductive assurance on Faît Accompli that, "every day there is some kind of darkness"

voted one of the 12 best gothic albums of all time...

review by Andrew Collins (nicked from 'Q', dated December 1999)