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"I've come to mess with your head," murmurs lead singer Toni Halliday on "Faît Accompli," in an invulnerable, take-no-prisoners voice, "and I'll make you feel good." She does all that and much, much more - brilliantly. It's lyrics like these - and Halliday's self-assured delivery - that set Curve above and beyond all the other Cocteau-man-qué acts coming out of England these days.

Doppelgänger, Curve's first LP, more than lives up to the promise the band showed on its EPs (one of the tracks previously appeared on the EP Cherry). From the opening track onward, be prepared to get swept up in stratospheric, Sensurround soundscapes, with lush guitars, hypnotic melodies so deep that you could drown in them, and haunting lyrics, with Halliday's launch-you-on-a-thousand-trips voice soaring above it all. It'll leave you seduced and abandoned, not knowing exactly what hit you but begging for more of whatever it is - all from this wondrous, psychotropic flower of an album. Like the singer herself, it's a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

review by Katharine Ristich (nicked from 'Spin', dated April 1992)