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Between The Sundays and Suede, Curve were the indie-cred sweethearts (circa 1991) catapulted into the fray before they'd barely drawn breath. Since Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia were already old hands, they rode the pressure well, reaching album Number Two without any tragedy. Like the predecessor Doppelgänger, Cuckoo is a wall of thudding industrial techno disco. Some vivid titles (Unreadable Communication, Left Of Mother) are your main guide since the wailing Halliday is stitched into the fabric more than exposed on top of the pile. Curve's problem is still lack of variety but what a sound it is - intense, mesmeric, full of kooky melodrama, and they've managed to up the decorations this time. Missing Link needs no help, snagging the listener with a series of escalating hooks; Sweetest Pie and Cuckoo are like a Hammer Horror take on Cocteau Twins; Turkey Crossing comes out on top, led in by eerie, overlapping murmurs, driven by violent percussion and Halliday's distressed vocal.

*** (out of 5)

review by Martin Aston (nicked from 'Q', dated 1993)