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Two sessions recorded for John Peel (in March '91 and February '92), Peeled illustrates both the best and worst aspects of this sort of extra-curricular activity.

On the plus side, recording four tracks a day in a strange studio with a BBC producer often forces bands to wonderfully unexpected peaks (Theatre Of Hate spring to mind) and in Curve's case one of their finest songs, Coast Is Clear, appears to have been written especially for the first session. Conversely, the brief relationship between producer and band means that the atmosphere and feel of more arduously recorded material is missing. More than most Peelites, Curve suffer without the charms of their chosen deckhand, Alan Moulder, who gives songs like Ten Little Girls their impressive sense of taut-lipped urgency and movement. Without him in the chair (his vital work as extra third guitar not withstanding), the group seem sadly tame and directionless and not even the inclusion of The Cure-sounding Die Like A Dog gives any sense of their real impetus.

** (out of 5)

review by Sam King (nicked from 'Q', dated 1993)