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AAAAAAAARRGGHHH!! What did we do to deserve this?!? Did we, any of us, ever buy a Curve single the first time round? Nope. What we did wrong was to frug nonchalantly to 'Stupid Girl' and consider Brian Molko a bit saucy. And lo, Toni Halliday and The Out Of Focus One rise from the grave to plague our waking nightmares for, ooh, at least the next two weeks. And, rather than the mimsy punishment that the title suggests, 'Chineseburn' is actually a form of Chinese Chord Torture in which the same industrial cod-techno chord is dropped from a great height onto our heads at regular intervals until we break down and head onto the streets of Camden with machetes in our hands, fury in our veins and the phrase 'Goth Eurythmics' at the top of our hit lists. This time, comrades, they won't get away.

review by Mark Beaumont (nicked from 'New Musical Express', dated 13 December 1997)