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Comeback album from duo who purportedly taught Garbage all their best tricks. Back in the early-'90s, Curve's lethal cocktail of Siouxsie-style goth and furiously-paced industrial rock looked all set to catapult them to superstar status. While they were to prove immediately influential, major success eluded them and they soon fell out, then apart. Now re-formed, they clearly want to stake a claim, Verve-style, on a crown they see as rightfully theirs. Trouble is, though, as impressive as Come Clean is, it remains a seriously unfriendly record in which Toni Halliday's lyrical angst wraps itself around Dean Garcia's chilly soundscapes, then freezes solid. Where Garbage have rescued dry-ice anthems from the gates of hell, transforming them into sleek pop nuggets, Curve have created a sound even scarier than jungle. If this finds its way onto any unsuspecting coffee table, it'll promptly crack it.

*** (out of 5)

review by Nick Duerden (nicked from 'Q', dated 1998)