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STILL singing as though her oesophagus is coated in thick toxic Chernobyl sludge, Toni Halliday drags Curve's larvae-infected carcass out for one last public humiliation before the abbatoir's gates loom irrevocably.

R:  "Why the f*** are they back together? They were never any good. All their records were crummy. They were part of all the shoegazing bollocks. All those groups like Ride and Chapterhouse were shit. It was the worst time for music, ever. And this song sounds worse than Garbage. As dreadful as ever."

M (folds sleeve into an aeroplane, opens window and flies it out onto Camden's streets below):  "It doesn't even make a good paper aeroplane. Totally useless."

review by Daniel Booth, with Richard & Mike from 60FT Dolls* (nicked from 'Melody Maker', dated 9 May 1998)

* who?