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Purposeful comeback from Toni Halllday's dark pop mavericks.

YOU COULD forgive Curve for being bitter. Having patented a moody sound mixing guitar noise, pulsing electronic beats and glacial pop melodies, vocalist Toni Halliday and guitarist Dean Garcia split the band up in 1993, only to see Garbage reap multi-platinum rewards with a watered-down version of the same sound two years later. The cads.

Re-united in 2002, and with heavyweight assistance from My Bloody Valentine / Primal Scream guitar genius Kevin Shields and super-producer Flood (Smashing Pumpkins, U2), Curve sound darker and more sensual than ever. And if the lack of any truly memorable hooks on 'Gift' suggests that they won't be cracking the mainstream this time around either, then Curve can at least take some comfort from the knowledge that their album pisses on 'beautifulgarbage' from a great height.

KKK (out of 5)

review by Paul Brannigan (nicked from 'Kerrang', dated August 2002)