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It wasn't broken, so they never fixed it. Strong return for the Eurythmics of shoegazing.

As Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia have found to their cost, you get nothing for being ahead of your time. And so, despite a series of acclaimed early-'90s releases which prophesied Garbage's lucrative combination of grunge guitars and industrial beats, Curve continue to toil away in relative obscurity. If there's a bright side to all this, its that the duo's creative hunger has remained intact.

Tunes such as the yearning Hung Up and the powerchord-laden Gift stand shoulder to shoulder with anything from 1992's acclaimed Doppelgänger album, while the more reflective Perish improve on it, pitching Garcia's unremitting noise against Halliday's wounded confessionaIs. Short of kidnapping Shirley Manson, it's hard to see what more they can do.

**** (out of 5)

review by Peter Paphides (nicked from 'Q', dated September 2002)