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Let's just skip all that Curve Vs Garbage debate. It's an irrelevancy. The Britpop blow-out left electro-rockers Curve for some reason high and dry, a fact which may explain why 'Gift', a come-back of sorts, is such a confusing album. Sure, opener 'Hell Above Water' follows almost directly from where 'Chinese Burn' left off, a rampaging slice of electro-guitar fusion, and all seems fine with the elegant agility of the title track itself. But then, for some inexplicable reason, it all goes a bit Ally McBeal, as if Toni and Dean have decided their way back is to write songs for weepie movies featuring 'kooky' actress Sandra Bullock. The result is that the rest of 'Gift' lacks edge, with everything but the more brooding 'Bleeding Heart' sounding, unsettlingly, slightly Hollywood. Maybe it'll work for them in the long run, but 'Gift' isn't exactly the firestorm it might have been.

**½ (out of 5)

review by Alex Whitehead (nicked from 'Rock Sound', dated September 2002)