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Even if Curve have released lots of brilliant albums in the past, they are still an insider tip. Very much undeserved as their unique soundscapes formed the way for a dozen of more successful epigones, i.e. Garbage. Meanwhile, Curve have released their seventh longplayer "The New Adventures Of Curve" and once more Dean Garcia and Tony Halliday are reaching beyond the borders of alternative guitar rock and modern dancefloor rhythm without losing their well-known unique style.

However, the album title might be confusing. You won't find a new adventure, but you surely will love the album because Curve do what they always did: composing brilliant songs. The only 'new sound' brings the last track "Joy", that surprises with some kind of rave beat. Besides, Tony Halliday's spherical voice sounds as fresh as on the first album and Dean Garcia's outstanding compositions speak for themselves.

If you take a look at their brilliant website, you will find that Curve go their own way: Not only promoting and selling their albums only over the web (unfortunately, it is really expensive buying them in Germany - thanks to the UK not having introduced the Euro), also putting exclusive mp3-tracks for free download on their site.

Curve's music is innovative, cool and beyond time. If you don't know them yet, you have missed a lot!

Standout Tracks: Cold Comfort, Answers, Joy

****½ (out of 5)

review translated from Musique-Deluxe with thanks, dated January 2003)

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