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Written, Produced and Digitally Blended by Daum Bentley in and around San Francisco
Thanks to everyone for inspiraton and support during this project
Extra good thanks to Katrina for your inspiration, support, patience and love
Special thanks to Jeff, Cathy, Peter at Astralwerks, John and Anne for making this fantasy a reality
P.S. the image for the "Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven" CD E.P. was photographed by Tom Boss
Art Direction: Freaky Chakra

Words and Voice on "Dreams" - Toni Halliday (uncredited)

US release (21 April 1998)



Astralwerks / Caroline Records

  1. Downspace 7:45
  2. Automatic 4:47
  3. What? 4:18
  4. Thing 5:58
  5. Fascist Funk 6:18
  6. Vector Head 5:29
  7. Living in the Future 5:00
  8. Dreams* 7:34
  9. Year 2000 6:48
  10. Hyperspace 7:53
  11. Platform 6:55
  12. Blacklight Fantasy 5:09

* This track re-uses Toni's vocal from
Budded In Earth To Bloom In Heaven


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