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all songs written by HALLIDAY / GARCIA

published by Virgin Songs, Inc. (BMI) / Sony Music Publishing UK / Anxious Music. All rights o/b/o
Sony Music Publishing UK / Anxious Music administered in the United States by Sony Tunes Inc. (ASCAP)

1 Produced by CURVE & FLOOD
2, 3 Produced by CURVE, Recorded on Manor Mobile.
1 Remixed and 2 & 3 mixed by ALAN MOULDER.

Design & photography FLAT EARTH

US release (1992)

promo CD

PRCD 0100

Anxious Records / Charisma Records America

  1. HORROR HEAD Remix 3:40
  2. COAST IS CLEAR Live at Manchester '91* 4:34
  3. DIE LIKE A DOG Live at London '91* 4:39

* this is the only way to get these live tracks on CD

there are three different designs for the CD artwork...

promo CD

promo CD

promo CD

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