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Toni Halliday. Voice and Words
Dean Garcia. Bass, Guitar, Drums and Programming
Alan Moulder. Guitar and FX

Made between 1996 and 2001
Produced Engineered and Recorded at Todal by Curve
Mixed by Alan Moulder at Konk Studios North London
except tracks 5.9.10 mixed by Dean Garcia and Toni Halliday at Todal
All songs written by Halliday / Garcia
All songs copyright control except tracks
Published by EMI / Virgin / Anxious Music Publishing
except tracks Copyright Control
Mastered by Alan Moulder at The Hit Factory, Willesden
Sleeve Design
Nowhere recorded for the film Nowhere by Greg Araki
You Don't Know is featured in the film / soundtrack Gossip

"This CD is a web only release
Thanks to all our collaborators"

UK release (May 2001)


internet only release

  1. Nowhere 4:06
  2. The Birds They Do Fly 4:10
  3. Ché 5:04
  4. Turnaround 4:24
  5. You Don't Know 6:23
  6. Backwards Glance 4:58
  7. Speedcrash 4:53
  8. Storm 4:28
  9. Caught In The Alleyway 5:44
  10. Open Day At The Hate Fest 7:02

initial copies had incorrectly manufactured booklets...


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