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Produced, engineered and recorded at Todal Studios by Curve and Ben Grosse at Todal.
Mixed by Ben Grosse at The Mix Room Los Angeles.
All songs written by Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia.
Tracks 1 & 2 published by Chrysalis Music. Track 3 published by Curve / Copyright Control.

Toni Halliday:  Words, vocals and guitar.
Dean Garcia:  Bass, guitar, programming and noise.
Kevin Shields:  More guitar track 1.
Alan Moulder:  More guitar track 3.
Flood:  Bleeps track 2.
Monti:  More drums tracks 1 & 3.
Rob Holliday:  More guitar tracks 2 & 3.
*Geno Lenardo:  More guitar.

Management:  Asif Armed for DP.
Designed by Curve and Paul Agar.
Saucer scan:  Wombbaby.
Thanks to all the good good people.

Australian release (3 February 2003)



Artful / Universal International / Hoop Culture
/ Westlink Multimedia / MGM

  1. Want More Need Less 3:59
  2. My Tiled White Floor 5:16
  3. Bleeding Heart 4:07



Artful / Hoop Culture / Westlink Multimedia / MGM

  1. Want More Need Less 3:59
  2. Hell Above Water* 4:04
  3. Bleeding Heart 4:07

this edition was withdrawn...

"...something that we did not approve artwork or running order wise. A few of these somehow got out to retail so it is a pretty rare copy."
(Toni Halliday : May 2003)


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