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Faît Accompli (live) I Feel Love What A Waste Test Nowhere Falling Free (Aphex Twin remix)

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released:  December 1996

(World's End Ltd.)

UK double CD:  17VCD17

disc one

  1. ALABAMA 3: Woke Up This Mornin'
  2. ELASTICA: Love Like Ours
  3. TRAVIS: U 16 Girls
  4. TERRORVISION: Conspiracy (remix)
  5. GALLON DRUNK: All This And More
  6. dEUS: The Magic Of New Pop Music
  7. MORPHINE: Never Live Twice (live)
  8. BJöRK: Possibly Maybe (Lucy Mix)
  9. LONGPIGS: On And On (Pass The Snake Mix)
  10. RARE: Rollercoaster
  11. LITTLE AXE: What Have You Got?
  12. TURN-ON: Latin Gloop
  13. SYSTEM 7: Big Sky City
  14. CURVE: Test* 5:58

* Produced by Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia. Mixed by Dean Garcia.
Recorded in Toni's Basement, mixed in Dean's front room.

disc two

  1. DRUGSTORE: Communication Breakdown
  3. ELVIS COSTELLO: What Do I Do Now?
  4. THE AUTEURS: Unsolved Child Murder (original demo version)
  5. CATATONIA: Mickey (BBC acoustic version)
  6. CUCKOO: More Of Me (And Then Some) (original demo version)
  7. FRUIT: Leather Jacket
  8. MEL McCRORY: Here I Am
  9. THE DIVINE COMEDY: Through A Long And Sleepless Night (live studio version)
  10. COCTEAU TWINS: Touch Upon Touch
  11. GENEVA: Closer To The Stars
  12. FIEL GARVIE: Risk
  13. FRINGE: I'll Keep It In Mind
  14. BETTIE SERVEERT: Spine (live acoustic)
  15. BILL JANOVITZ: Red Balloon

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