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Frequently Asked Questions

The Curve (Dean Garcia & Toni Halliday) FAQ (version 1.1)

Written and researched by DJ Dust.  Last updated : 26 August 2004

The latest version of this document is always kept at

  1. Who are Curve?

  2. What's the history of Curve?

  3. When will Curve be touring again?

  4. Will there ever be a Curve video compilation?

  5. Where can I find Curve lyrics?

  6. What records have Curve released?

  7. What MP3 tracks have been released through the official Curve site?

  8. Are there any other unreleased Curve tracks?

  9. What are the rarest Curve releases?

  10. Are there original versions of "Rising" and "Half The Time"?

  11. Why is the "Come Clean" version of "Chinese Burn" different to the "album version"?

  12. Have Curve remixed any other artists?

  13. What artists have remixed Curve?

  14. What have Toni and Dean done outside Curve?

  15. What movies / programmes have used Curve music?

  16. Where can I buy a Curve T-shirt?

  17. What do Curve think of Garbage?

  18. What are the lyrics of JC001's rap on "Ten Little Girls"?

  19. What are the "Clearbury Ring" and "Anything And Everything" albums?

  20. What Curve resources are on the internet?

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