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Frequently Asked Questions

3.  When will Curve be touring again?

The sad truth is that Curve live shows are a remote possibility at the moment...

"...we need a lot of things to make it work and those lot of things are difficult to secure when you are only selling a certain amount of records, Toni and I don't have a problem with touring it's just that rather than scum it around the country with no pa or lights getting minimal fees we prefer to write, produce and record, if the right situation/offer came up and the record was doing well then we'd obviously consider a tour but until that happens we are quite happy to be getting on with other things..."
(Dean Garcia, May 2002)

"'s to do with how we want it presented, we don't want to tour without our production or without a very strong selling record. We love touring but have our sights set elsewhere at this time."
(Dean Garcia, May 2003)

Toni Halliday : Slough Festival (1991)