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Frequently Asked Questions

4.  Will there ever be a Curve video compilation?

Curve made the following videos (which were directed by...)

Ten Little Girls

(Sophie Muller)

Curve : Ten Little Girls (1991) Curve : Ten Little Girls (1991) Curve : Coast Is Clear (1991) Curve : Coast Is Clear (1991) Curve : Faît Accompli (1992) Curve : Horror Head (1992) Curve : Horror Head (1992) Curve : Missing Link (1993) Curve : Superblaster (1993)



Coast Is Clear

(Sophie Muller)


(Keir Halliday)

Faît Accompli

(Sophie Muller)

Horror Head

(Barry Maguire)

Missing Link

(Richard Heslop)


(Richard Heslop)

Chinese Burn

(Sophie Muller)

At the moment it seems unlikely that these will ever be officially released. BMG Europe and Virgin America own the rights to most of these videos and they are tied up in legal red tape. There were hopes that a DVD collection would be included with the initial copies of The Way of Curve, but it was deemed too expensive. Bootleg video compilations exist but should be approached with caution as the quality of them can vary dramatically...

* this was released on a Melody Maker video compilation in 1992.

thanks to Conrad @ Recovery for the loan of the video captures above...

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