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Frequently Asked Questions

7.  What MP3 tracks have been released through the official Curve site?


(June 2000)

Caught In The Alleyway

(July 2000)


(July 2000)

You Don't Know

(August 2000)

The Birds They Do Fly

(November 2000)


(November 2000)

Open Day At The Hate Fest

(December 2000)


(January 2001)


(January 2001)

Hell Above Water

(March 2001)

Want More Need Less

(May 2001)

Cold Comfort

(September 2001)

Worst Mistake

(December 2001)

Recovery (new version)

(May 2002)

Superblaster (new version)

(July 2002)

Want More Need Less
(XFM session)

(December 2002)

Perish (XFM session)

(January 2003)

Some Good Some Bad

(September 2003)

Some of these tracks have subsequently appeared on proper CD releases:

Turnaround, Caught In The Alleyway, You Don't Know, The Birds They Do Fly, Speedcrash and Open Day At The Hate Fest are on the internet-only Open Day At The Hate Fest CD (though the version of Turnaround on there is very different).

Chainmail, Perish, Hell Above Water and Want More Need Less are easily available on Gift. The new version of Recovery is on the Perish single.

Open Day At The Hate Fest (2001)

The other tracks remain unreleased: Overground is a cover of a Siouxsie & The Banshees song and is tied up in legal issues. A radically different remix of Cold Comfort (by Deepsky) is available on The New Adventures Of Curve CD. Worst Mistake is a rough mix of a track recorded especially for the PlayStation 2 game "Frequency".

So to recap... the original versions of "Turnaround" and "Cold Comfort" are still unavailable, along with "Overground", "Some Good Some Bad", the rough mix of "Worst Mistake", the new version of "Superblaster" and the XFM versions of "Want More Need Less" and "Perish"...

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