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Frequently Asked Questions

8.  Are there any other unreleased Curve tracks?

The existence of the following recordings have been hinted at on the official site...

Save The Day is an early song that was played live but never released - there is apparently a 16-track recording of it in the archives... Also, there are unmixed masters of Rising and Half The Time which remain unreleased.

Many people are unaware that when the Cuckoo album was recorded in 1993, it featured samples of Ken Kesey - the legendary author of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" - inbetween the tracks. These samples were removed before the albums release...

"The suits at the label were very paranoid even though Ken Kesey had agreed to us using them for whatever we wanted - he just wouldn't sign any legal document so they said we should take them off.... how dumb can it get...??"
(Dean Garcia : May 2002)

Curve : Cuckoo (1993)

There are alternative mixes of Coming Up Roses, Dirty High and Killer Baby (by Steve Osborne) in the archives. These were recorded at Bath Moles Studio the same time as Chinese Burn.

The BBC archives currently hold the third session that was recorded for Radio One in 1993 - this featured Crystal, Turkey Crossing, Left Of Mother and Superblaster.

Finally, two other new tracks Just Get Me Thru This and Weekend were accidentally leaked on a rare two-disc promo CDR set in 2003. It remains to be seen if these two tracks will see an official release or not...

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