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Frequently Asked Questions

9.  What are the rarest Curve releases?

"Advance Music"

A double CDR acetate set that appeared for approximately half a split-second in October 2003.

"...not ready for human consumption."
(Dean Garcia, October 2003)

"...nothing to do with a release and is only for music supervisors and advertising companies. It isn't a promo and is in a basic sleeve with very little information. Whoever is selling this is doing so illegally and trying to rip you off..."
(Toni Halliday, October 2003)

The first disc features "Just Get Me Thru This", "Weekend", "Disguise" and "Some Good Some Bad". The last two tracks are easily available. The first two are not.

The second disc features instrumental versions of the same four tracks...


The second single from "Cuckoo" - released only in Europe...

"a couple of thousand(ish) [were pressed]... it was never a full blown release, the record company pulled the plug on it due to low sales figures and bad radio response... we thought we had written a hit record..."
(Dean Garcia, 2000)

Curve : Superblaster (1993)

The CD features an exclusive remix of "Superblaster" plus two other songs - "Low And Behold"* & "Nothing Without Me". All these tracks were unavailable elsewhere until their inclusion on The Way of Curve in 2004 however it is still considered a highly collectible item and, due to its rarity, copies usually sell for three-figure numbers whenever they surface on Ebay - the online auction site.

There is also a US promo CD featuring the "Superblaster" remix which is a lot more common but doesn't have the two tracks that make the European issue so collectable. Instead it features tracks from the "BlackerThreeTracker" single which are much easier to obtain...

* this track got a limited UK release on the Volume Eight magazine/CD...

Falling Free (remixed by Aphex Twin)

A one-sided promotional only 12" - highly sought after by both Curve and Aphex Twin collectors*. 2000 were made (though the UK Record Collector Price Guide erroneously states that only 500 were pressed).

* this record may soon be decreasing in value as the track is now available on the Aphex Twin remix compilation 26 Mixes For Cash.

Curve : Falling Free (remixed by Aphex Twin) (1992)

Chinese Burn "Culturally Reformed" remix

The "Forbidden City" mix* of "Chinese Burn" by Paul Van Dyk is easily available on most formats of the single. This second, far superior remix by Van Dyk - which features all the vocals and a lot more of the actual song - was a limited release on Paul's MFS label in Germany.

You can hear most of the track on the Vorsprung Dyk Technik CD as the 'Forbidden Future Vocal Extension' mix on there combines both versions...

* this is also known as the "Forbidden Future" mix

Curve : Chinese Burn (Culturally Reformed remix) (1997)

Pink Girl With The Blues

Curve's comeback single - released on their own Fatlip label in 1996. The CD features the original version of "Recovery" (which has been re-recorded twice since) along with two other exclusive songs - the title track and "Black Delilah".

Curve : Pink Girl With The Blues (1996)

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