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Frequently Asked Questions

17.  What do Curve think of Garbage?

"...the only reasons they get comparisons to us is because they're modern. And we're modern. We don't sound retro. We never sounded retro and neither do Garbage."
(Dean Garcia : New Musical Express interview, September 1996)

"We can see bits of Garbage in what we've done, just like we see bits of Sonic Youth or the Valentines or really any band that was doing something supposedly outside the norm. In a way it's very flattering to be tied in with Butch Vig, not just because he's a brilliant human being but because he's a brilliant producer and he's worked on some of our favourite records. But eventually Garbage are a pop band and Curve were never a pop band."
(Toni Halliday : Volume interview, December 1996)

"In comparison to what we were doing before, we were a totally hardcore, underground band from day one and Garbage were never that, ever. To me, they're a bunch of quite clever producers who've managed to create this sound that's acceptable to the masses."
(Toni Halliday : Pavement interview, 1998)

"We liked some of the first album and a few from the second, but that's it... Butch has made some brilliant albums... Garbage, what can we say, could do better."
(Curve : September 2002)