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Frequently Asked Questions

18.  What are the lyrics of JC001's rap on "Ten Little Girls"?

These have never been officially published. Some fans have attempted to work them out and this is what we have so far (thanks to JDV and Mark)...

the arrogance of the youth
you wanna prove something
picking up a microphone, starts one thinking older
as the fear starts to grow inside
see what it's like to live a lie
nothing is like you thought it was
you felt the cause
what you had, my friend is lost
drifting away and if you play another day
long ago, my friends, long ago
it doesn't matter what i say


now you all know i
will take you down with the sound so i
know that time is passed
climb into another rhyme designed too fast
??? from the well of deceipt he has to move on ???? the belt of the ???? uniform, ???
it doesn't matter how we get a groove on
looking back you were younger then
walk back don't ever pretend
that it was good as it was not, that's what we got
busted out your friends, you know what you got
the truth right in your lap
that's a fact jack
the arrogance of youth is not claptrap
nothing is right everything is wrong
push your mike right to come along
too strong
uh-huh, gettin older
and now you realise all the lies
that were otherwise
because my eyes can see the truth, reality...

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