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This site is unofficial, non-commercial, non-profit making and is for entertainment only.

It contains photographs and material which is the copyright of a lot of different people - if anyone (particularly solicitors) objects to the use of any of this material please contact me and it will be removed immediately...

Also, please don't steal material from this site without asking me first - I'm aware that I'm technically doing so myself
by taking material from magazines, etc, but I've credited all the original journalists and photographers (unless
unknown) and have now clocked up several years researching, scanning and transcribing this material.

Thanks to Dean Garcia, John Metzler, Diana B, Syed Bokhari, Marieeve, Superblaster, Jerome Simpson, Brian Sherman, Lesley Snyder, Matt Redman and Jeff VanCuren for their help in providing some of the material on this site.

cheers, DJ Dust

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