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tracks recorded @ Todal, 2000

(3.3 mb)
caught in the alleyway
(5.1 mb)

both tracks originally released through the official Curve site in 2000.
thanks to Dean and Toni for allowing them to be distributed here...

On the official site you can purchase the Open Day At The Hate Fest CD - featuring a
new version of Turnaround plus all the other tracks released as MP3s during 2000...

if you have trouble downloading these files try right-clicking on the link,
choose "Save Target As.." and then save the file with a ".mp3" suffix...

Spiderman trailer

above is a sound-only recording of the amazing
trailer featuring Hell Above Water.

sample rare Curve trax

click on the track names to hear 30 second streaming clips - best experienced on a high-speed internet connection...


I Speak Your Every Word (with JC001)
Ten Little Girls (Radio One Session)
No Escape From Heaven (Radio One Session)
The Colour Hurts (Radio One Session)
Coast Is Clear (Radio One Session)
Coast Is Clear (live in Manchester)
Die Like A Dog (live in London)


Arms Out
Horror Head (remix)
Falling Free
Mission From God
Today Is Not The Day
Falling Free (Aphex Twin remix)
Die Like A Dog (Radio One Session)
Horror Head (Radio One Session)
Arms Out (Radio One Session)
Split Into Fractions (Radio One Session)
Faît Accompli (live at Glastonbury)
I Feel Love


On The Wheel
Missing Link (Screaming Bird Mix)
Rising (Headspace Mix)
Half The Time (Honey Tongue Mix)
Superblaster (Remix)
Low And Behold
Nothing Without Me
Turkey Crossing (Radio One Session)
Crystal (Radio One Session)
Superblaster (Radio One Session)
Left Of Mother (Radio One Session)
What A Waste (featuring Ian Dury)

1995 - 1998

Helen's Face (by Scylla)
Pink Girl With The Blues
Black Delilah
Chinese Burn (Paul Van Dyk "Culturally Reformed" Remix)
Midnight And Royal

2000 - 2003

Cold Comfort
Worst Mistake (Rough Mix)
Recovery (New Version)
Superblaster (New Version)

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